Thursday, May 1, 2008

Home Tomorrow

Our holiday is over tomorrow. We are driving back to the city. It takes about 41/2 hours. It has been a wonderful, relaxed holiday. I feel sad reporting our return to reality. It has been great not living in each other's pockets, as the farm house is so much bigger than our wee city house. When we move into the new house we will enjoy having a lot more space.

Today we went to town and had lunch at The Moorings. I had quiche, Mr B had nachos and Nanny had the biggest bowl of pumpkin soup ever to be seen. It was the thick sort, and Nanny didn't have a hope of finishing it. They should sell a half bowl.

We decided to meet Meg at Mapua for fish and chips for tea.
This is how they come in New Zealand. The fish was really good. Mr B had a hotdog (aka sausage on a stick) and a chicken patty (beaks and feathers ground up). I'm afraid the people photos we took are not blogworthy. We look like a pack of lunatics. Even Stellar. I have to admit, with a full tummy, fish and chips don't look particularly appealing.

On the food front, Mr B and I have both decided that we have to get fit and lose the flab. I medicate myself with food. Do you know what I mean? I eat food to make myself feel better. When I'm not too good I eat really bad stuff like vast quantities of chocolate and crisps. I have to admit I am slipping downhill on the depression/anxiety front. It happens every year at this time, but I'm fighting like mad this year. Having THE HOUSE project is really helpful, but I just don't understand why I am still getting unwell. I've been out in the sun so much, which is helpful. Plus I've been creating like mad. Actually I'm thrilled with my square quilt as it looks so much more fabulous and interesting with the batting and quilting. I just have to bind it. Maybe the colder weather has something to do with my brain chemicals. Anyway, we are going to try very hard to have a really natural, frugal diet over winter, with lots of yummy soup and veges. I will report on that on Taming The Chocolate Baby .

My next post will be from home. XXX


Anonymous said...

Hello Poppy,
It is so easy to eat naughty things, they usually taste very good. Moderation is the key, if only it were that easy.
I have tagged you for a meme if you wish to do it. The details are on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe...I could go a plate of those fish and chips now...breakfast seems like weeks ago.. Shame we all looked a bit crazy in the people photos...I blame the flash!!
Safe travels back to Chch..will send you the Dragons Drops when they are the jacket...
love youxx

Anonymous said...

Crikey, Mr A and I got F&C's from here on the way back from the farm and the fish was only @3cmx15cm, yet yours looks ginormous in comparison! I love reading your blog.

Miss M