Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Kate over at Our Red House.
I have to write ten reasons why I like to blog.

  1. Because I saw Alison's blog So Tread Softly at my friend's house. I never even knew blogs existed before that. I was enthralled. That was why I started. I was inspired!
  2. I don't have any friends who are quite like me, getting into all sorts of crafty activities, and loving vintage stuff. Blogging lets me be a part of a community of really creative people.
  3. Blogging is often about home. It has made me more appreciative of my home as a creative nest.
  4. I love to write, and blogging gives me an audience.
  5. I love feedback, and get incredibly excited when a new person leaves a comment.
  6. I have a lot of fun taking photos. Blogging gives me a reason to get out with the camera.
  7. I enjoy reading back over what I have been doing. I sometimes go back to have another look at a photo.
  8. I've never been good at writing a diary. Blogging has turned into another hobby for me, and it is so pretty to look back on compared to hand-written pages filled with mistakes (I hate mistakes).
  9. I get to visit lots of other wonderful blogs.
  10. I find blogging lots of fun.
I am supposed to tag some other people now. I'm just going to say if you read this and you haven't written your list of ten things why you like to blog consider yourself tagged! You can leave a comment if you like, and I will come and check out your list. I am supposed to tag 5 people but this is what Alicia at Posy Gets Cosy did when she got tagged (and she is a blogging legend!).

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Dianne said...

I like your list of reasons for blogging, Poppy and all your reasons are exceptional and the reasons I like blogging as well. It is amazing fun to read the words of others. I don't really feel like I have much to offer in words but I surely do like reading what others have to say. Good Job!!