Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Waitangi Day

Today is a holiday. Thank goodness. I am recovering from the first two days at school. Waitangi Day is a commemoration of the signing of a treaty between indigenous Maori, and British settlers. The treaty has caused controversy ever since it was signed. I'm fed up with the whole thing, however love the holiday. I'm not at all interested in politics.

Today I have posted a photo of the embroidery I completed recently for my super special friend. I can't see much being done during the term, which is a real shame. I get worn out by school.

We visited our piece of land today. You can see that they are well underway putting up the fences. I am already imagining the roses smothering them.


Rubytwoshoes said...

Wow, the embroidery is fantastic, I love the wee cat poking it's head though!!
The land looks big, lush and green...and you will get a better idea of the size of it when it is all fenced. We will look forward to seeing the progress at Easter are booked...coming Saturday so we don't have to leave Mrs Dougray for too long :<( but go home thats a good couple of days, yay...can't wait!

Gigibird said...

I spotted kitty too:)
Saw a gardening programme about NZ and it mentioned how quickly things grow so I am sure in no time at all your new garden will look very established.