Saturday, December 8, 2007

Visiting the Estate

Today we went out to the estate to have a look at the new back fence. I can't wait for the side fences to go in so I can see how it is going to look. You can see the entrance to the private right of way, the end of the right of way, plus a look across our land. They have sown grass seed, but we haven't had decent rainfall to get it going.

My lovely Canterbury Tales friend has been shopping again at So Tread Softly. She is giving me one of Al's lovely doorstops for Christmas, but I had to choose which one I wanted and I couldn't! Al, you must be thinking about tranferring your production to a factory in China based on 
the amount of items travelling to the South Island (believe me, Al would never do that!!!!). Go handmade all the way! By the way, if you are into handmaking things take a look at Victoria's fantastic tutorials at her Cupboard Love blog. I bet she has an amazing Christmas tree!

Ps. I figured we could plant about 15 climbing roses along the back fence. And clematis to grow through them.

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