Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Adventures

Today we took the class to the Cathedral to see the Christmas tree. I have to say, the one outside was very uninspiring. I couldn't get it all into my shot, so you can't see the full effect, but it is rather tragic. The poor thing has unruly branches sprouting everywhere, and the decorations look like they got dragged from an old cardboard box stored under a crypt. The inside one is prettier. I think the Cathedral needs to have a creative decoration drive and invite craftspeople from around the city to contribute an oversized creation. The tree really is massive, so needs some over-the-top decorations. We were all impressed with the size of the pile of presents for needy children. I was most impressed with the stunning stained glass window that was above the tree. Sorry, couldn't get a good shot. Mr. B has replaced the zoom lens that I dropped with a prime lens. I'm learning how to use it, so you will have to excuse any dud photos.

I was a lucky girl today. My brilliant sister (the best in the world) sent me a new charm and such a cute card. I you can tell in the photo, the charm is a four leaf clover, which is kind of my trademark. I have been collecting them since I was little. I've got a whole lot in a Harry Potter book pressing at the moment. I've got several sources, once of which is a goldmine. I had some ideas about setting them in resin. I put the clover charm on a silver chain, and then decided it needs some friends. So I've got my animal charm bracelet, and now a charm necklace to fill.

I am feeling pretty good today. My doctor didn't growl, but she did say "Now you know" and I surely do. Have to admit, loading up on my medication has made me a bit silly. When I had to write the reason for our visit to the Cathedral, instead of writing something terribly sensible about social skills, I wrote "visiting God". I wonder if one of the PC brigade are going to hunt me down for a grilling. I'll have to get them to tell me why else I would be visiting a church.

Hope your week is going well so far. We have our market day at school tomorrow. Plus prizegiving. I am so proud of my students getting certificates for their ASDAN work. ASDAN is an internationally recognised programme for students with special educational needs. I hope the weather is good.
Bye for now. XXXX

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